Wisconsin Restaurant Serves The Best Hot Dogs In The State

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Hot dogs are one of America's favorite foods, from hot dog stands on street corners to a staple item on the menu at any arena in the country. Some cities even have their own personal take on the classic, like New York's mustard and sauerkraut or Chicago's loaded franks with tomatoes, pickles and onions on a poppyseed bun.

Mashed searched around the country for the restaurants serving up the best hot dogs around, compiling a list of the top spot in each state to grab a hot dog, whether topped with chili and cheese or served with all the condiments you could ever want.

So which restaurant is the best spot in Wisconsin to find a hot dog?

Vanguard Bar

The franks served up at this Brew City staple aren't your average hot dogs! Instead, Vanguard Bar offers customers a chance to try its house-made sausage, whether its classics like the all-beef hot dog or bratwurst, "sausage by the city" for places like Chicago and Pittsburgh, or styled like the Nashville Hot Chicken sausage or Berlin currywurst.

Vanguard Bar is located 2659 S Kinnickinnic Avenue in Milwaukee.

Here's what Mashed had to say:

"When you step into Milwaukee's Vanguard Bar, prepare yourself for an intense menu. You might find yourself asking several questions about the ingredient combinations, but just know they were all carefully though out, and each on is a winner.
Grab a classic sausage made with a variety of unique herbs and spices, or turn things up from 10 to 11 with a style sausage such as the Bunkhouse: a bacon-wrapped cheddarwurst with fried jalapenos, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and guacamole."

Check out Mashed's full list to see all the best spots around the country to get a hot dog.

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