Wisconsin Restaurant Serves The Best Milkshake In The State

Photo: Better Bitez/500px/Getty Images

Milkshakes are the perfect choice to treat yourself on a hot day, and even as the temperatures start to cool, you may still find yourself craving the decadent dessert. Whether you're trying to cool down in the heat or simply want to brighten up your day with something sweet, milkshakes are the perfect pick-me-up.

Cheapism searched across the country for the tastiest milkshakes around, compiling a list of the best spot in each state to pick up the sweet treat, "from crazy shakes to traditional soda-fountain treats."

According to the list, the best milkshake in all of Wisconsin can be found at Babcock Hall Dairy Store at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This shop offers an array of delicious ice cream flavors that can be blended up with your favorite add-on or mix-in, like fudge or candy bar pieces, to create your perfect shake.

Babcock Dairy Store is located at 1605 Linden Drive in Madison.

Here's what the site had to say:

"There are a tone of places in dairy-loving Wisconsin to score a delicious milkshake, but one of the best is at the University of Wisconsin's Babcock Hall Dairy Store. Get one made with flavors including orange custard chocolate chip or Badger Blast, a premium chocolate ice cream swirled with fudge and dark chocolate. Blend in candy or fruit for some extra indulgence."

Check out the full list at cheapism.com to see more of the best milkshakes around the country.

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